Festive Special: 10 Artisanal Mithai Makers In India

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​Bombay Sweet Shop

​Bombay Sweet Shop has an interesting assortment of fusion desserts such as tiramisu ghevar tart, drunken motichoor laddu, and kaju katli bon bon filled with salted caramel.

​Ornamental Mithai

​OM also specialises in chocolate bars with desi fillings like kalakand and panjiri. Wasabi-filled motichoor laddu and boondi laddu with cranberries are just a couple of their popular mithai.

​Gur Chini

​They create healthier versions of mithai using natural sweeteners such as dates, stevia, and varieties of honey and jaggery, without any compromise in taste


​Khoya prides itself on making additive-free traditional Indian mithai with a modern twist and presenting those in elegant bespoke packaging.

​Nihira & Co.

​Started in 2018, this contemporary sweetmaker has a selection of laddus spiked with different types of alcohol – vodka, whiskey, and wine.

​Kesar Sweets

​Ever heard of Ferrero Rocher laddus? Or tried an Oreo and date cake, or a blueberry laddu? Apart from an array of bespoke sweetmeats, they also create and curate boxes of savoury treats.

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​Anand Sweets

​This brand presents an assortment of mouth-watering and eye-catching desi and fusion creations like soan papdi, Mysore pak, motichoor laddu, cappuccino nougat, rose besan laddu, and pine nuts gujiya.

​Arq Mithai

​This Delhi-based mithai brand offers innovative fusion mithai and claims to make these using 70 per cent less sugar than commercial sweets, and no preservatives and artificial colouring.


​Berfila offers a mix of classic mithai like pinni and kesar peda, and fusion ones like jamun and lemon fudge, bubble gum fudge, raspberry motichoor laddu (yum!) and coffee chocolate barfi.

​Saugaat by Bikanervala

​Saugaat promises a unique and memorable experience with its range of mithai. Think lait croquer, a fusion of French wafer and doda churned with Turkish hazelnut; cashew bonbon, a cashew treat with a salted caramel centre; and more.

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