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Terms & Conditions For Your Recipe Contest - Baking Edition

Terms and Conditions of ‘Your Recipe Contest’.

Team ZZ

1. The contest titled ‘Your Recipe Contest – Baking Edition” (“Contest”) is conducted by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (“ZEEL”) and is to be aired on their channel ‘Zee Zest’ (“Channel”). 

2. The Contest is open for Indian nationals residing in India (“Territory”) and open to all age group.  

3. Each person participating in the Contest is hereinafter referred to as “Participant”.   

4. The Contest shall be effective for 1 (one) Month from 1st December 2021 to 31st December 2021 (“Contest Period”). The Contest is open 24 hours a day for each day of the Contest Period.

5. The Contest will be conducted on air, social media and on ground (“Platforms”) in the manner described hereinafter:
a) Viewers of the Channel and social media followers can participate in the Contest by sharing their unique baking recipes on zeezest.com/yrc contest link (Entry) and entering the details mentioned therein.

b) The contest will be promoted on Zee Zest Channel and on social media (Facebook and Instagram) where the viewers can log onto the Contest page - zeezest.com/ yrc to participate. 

c) The recipes submitted shall be only Baking recipes for it to be considered as a valid entry. Each Participant can share more than one recipe; however, the participant cannot be gratified more than 1 (one) time.
d) The Contest shall be effective for 1 (one) month from 1st December to 31st December during which the voting and submission of baking recipes shall take place.
e) After the contest period, the Top 50 highest voted recipes shall be held winners (Winners) and shall be gratified 
f) The winners shall receive cash prizes in the manner set forth:

Sr. No Category Winners Gratification
11st Prize1Rs.9999/- Cash Prize
22nd Prize1Rs.7000/- Cash Prize
33rd Prize1Rs.5000/- Cash Prize
4Consolation Prizes47Rs.1000/- Online Gift Voucher to each winner

The online gift voucher shall be with specifications which shall be as per ZEEL’s sole discretion.

6. A valid entry for the purpose of this Contest is only baking recipes which is made by submitting on the Contest page and sharing the applicable and necessary details including but not limited to name, phone number, city, state, age, etc.

7. From amongst the Participants who have submitted the Entry, ZEEL shall select top 50 highest voted Winners at the end of the Contest Period based on the voting conducted during the said Contest Period and who have submitted their Entry as per 5(a) above. 

8. In case of lack of votes, ZEEL may upon its own discretion select the Winners.

9. ZEEL shall declare the Winners through social media, wesbite and its Channel or any other platform at ZEEL's discretion. 

10. The Winners once announced on the Platforms may be contacted by ZEEL, within 7 days of such announcement on the Platforms. If the Winners fail to respond or fail to contact ZEEL within the timelines as specified such Winners shall not be considered for the Contest and shall not be considered for the Prize whatsoever. Thereafter, ZEEL shall have no further liability in relation to such Winners and ZEEL shall be free to select another eligible Participant as the Winner at its sole discretion.   

11. Winners eligible for Cash Prize shall provide a cancelled cheque /passbook of the active bank account held by the Winner along with proof of residence, of the eligible Winner, along with identification documentation such as, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Permanent Driving License. For Consolation Prizes, the eligible Winners shall also have to provide an address proof to ZEEL  (each of the foregoing, collectively, “Documents”).

12. In the event if the eligible Winners are below 18 (eighteen) years of age, the documents of the legal guardian or the parents shall be required by ZEEL along with Aadhar/birth certificate of the minor, to establish the relationship between the minor and the legal guardian, parents for the processing the Gratifications

13. The Prizes may be modified/changed/revised at the sole discretion of ZEEL.      

14. Each Participant shall be declared as a Winner only once during the Contest Period.

15. Only the Winner shall be entitled to receive the Prize and ZEEL shall not be liable to provide the Prize to any third person on behalf of the Participant.        

16. The Contest terms of use mentioned on the Platforms where the terms and conditions are uploaded should be further referred to and abided by each Participant.  

17. The Winners shall not have any right to claim any kind of alternative i.e either in cash or in kind in respect of the Prize.

18. Each Participant to the Contest declares hereby that he/she is a real person in existence and not a computer programme.

19. Employees of ZEEL, its affiliates, subsidiaries, any other business partners associated with this Contest (collectively the “Employees”), and immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of Employees are not eligible to participate in this Contest.

20. ZEEL does not and shall not subscribe for any claims / disputes / confirmation / responsibility in respect of the Contest including the Contest Period and conditions and any breach thereof.

21. ZEEL shall not be liable for any damage or loss (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) arising from personal injury or death, or loss of, or damage to property, which is suffered or sustained in connection with the Contest or the Prize and further neither ZEEL nor any of its affiliates or group companies shall be responsible for any consumer grievances with respect to the Contest or the Prize.

22. ZEEL shall have the right to share the Participant's personal information to any governmental or regulatory bodies if required by law, rule or statue and in response to a valid order of a court or authorized agency of the government or other legal process.

23. ZEEL takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information provided by the Participant against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access. However, ZEEL cannot guarantee the security of any personal information or data which the Participant discloses. In any event, Participant agrees not to hold ZEEL responsible for any breach of security, except in case of negligence or wilful default on the part of ZEEL under the relevant legislation.

24. Using of false names/ identities, illegal/false mobile numbers, fake email addresses and/or any other illegal means either online or in hard copies shall be considered as suppression of facts and if ZEEL has to suffer of any adverse consequence in this respect, the Participant/s shall be penalised for the same in a manner as ZEEL may deem fit. 

25. Participants found indulging in any malpractices such as cheating, misrepresentation, providing false information shall be disqualified from the on-going Contest and strict legal action may be taken by ZEEL against such Participant(s).

26. ZEEL at its sole discretion reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions relating to the Contest from time to time and/or suspend, shorten, modify, extend or cancel the same without prior notice, without stating any reason and no claim in this regard shall be entertained.

27. All disputes arising out of or related to this Contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts at Mumbai alone and subject to the laws of India only. 

28. The Participants shall indemnify and hold ZEEL harmless, its group companies, affiliates and subsidiaries and their respective officers, directors and employees, against any loss that may occur to them due to non-adherence of these terms and conditions of the Contest. 

29. Participant hereby assigns to ZEEL the perpetual, worldwide right in the Post and to use the Post, the name, images, voice, likeness, performance and biographical information of the Participant in connection with the Contest or otherwise and also for the purpose of promoting the Channel on any mode, medium, format whether in existence now and which may come into existence in the future, without any payment (in cash, kind of otherwise) to be made to the Participant.  

30. Unless otherwise expressly stated, copyright, database right or similar rights in all material in relation to the Contest (including graphical images, text, video clips, demographics, sounds, demos, patches and other files) is owned, controlled or licensed by ZEEL or its affiliates and is protected or covered by copyright, trademark, intellectual property law and other proprietary rights. Unless with prior permission, no part of the Platform or the Contest may be reproduced or transmitted to or stored in any other Platforms, nor any of its pages or part thereof be disseminated in any electronic or non-electronic form, nor included in any public or private electronic retrieval system or service.

31. The decision of ZEEL on all matters, queries or disputes, concerning the Contest including the selection and declaration of the Winners and the Contest terms and conditions shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.   

32. By participating in the Contest, each Participant acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions contained herein and all related terms and conditions governing the Contest.The Participant agrees and acknowledges that he/she is aware that personal information collected by ZEEL will be used for purpose of the Contest and/or to reach out to Participant if the Participant is declared as a Winner and/or to inform Participant of any upcoming contest(s), campaign(s), survey(s), poll(s), etc., conducted on behalf of ZEEL. The Participant confirms that he/she is consenting for ZEEL to retain and use the Participants’ personal information for above purposes and if at any time the Participant does not want ZEEL to retain and/or use the Participants’ personal information, the Participant shall send a written communication to ZEEL to delete and destroy the personal information from date of such communication.

33. The duration and other rules/regulations of the Contest shall be at the discretion of ZEEL only.


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