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ImageEp. No. - 9

ImageHost: Harman Sidhu

About Body Love

Postpartum fitness influencer Harman Sidhu gets a fitness regimen that can easily be done at home along with a plethora of nutritious balanced meal options to complement the workout. Watch all the episodes of Body Love only on Zee Zest.

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For a Healthy Morning

ImageEp. No. - 1

ImageDur - 9 mins

Fitness expert Harman Sidhu explains the importance of warming up before exercise. She also shares some healthy and deli ... Read More


It's Time For Chair Workouts

ImageEp. No. - 2

ImageDur - 14 mins

Fitness expert Harman Sidhu shares simple chair workouts that you can easily do at home. She highlights the benefits of ... Read More


Park Workout With Harman

ImageEp. No. - 3

ImageDur - 10 mins

Harman shares some easy exercises that you can do in a park to get the best benefit out of walking. She also shares heal ... Read More


Thali with a Twist

ImageEp. No. - 4

ImageDur - 8 mins

Fitness expert Harman Sidhu shares her version of thali. It's healthy, nutritious, full of proteins and moderate carbs. ... Read More


Morning Yoga With Harman

ImageEp. No. - 5

ImageDur - 14 mins

Fitness expert Harman Sidhu shares her morning yoga routine along with pranayam. She also shares her basic skin prep and ... Read More


Exercise to Music

ImageEp. No. - 6

ImageDur - 8 mins

Working out daily can be monotonous and boring. Harman Sidhu shares an innovative way to workout with music that will he ... Read More


Workout With Household Items

ImageEp. No. - 7

ImageDur - 13 mins

Fitness expert Harman Sidhu shares exercises that can be done at home using household items. She also shares a hassle-fr ... Read More


Tasty and Healthy Treats

ImageEp. No. - 8

ImageDur - 12 mins

Women often experience weakening of pelvic muscles after childbirth. Fitness expert Harman Sidhu shares easy pelvic floo ... Read More


Tackling the Mummy Tummy

ImageEp. No. - 9

ImageDur - 10 mins

Fitness expert Harman Sidhu shares some basic exercises to deal with the postpartum fat around the abdominal area. These ... Read More

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